|| An Aquarius and Its Five Best Traits ||

Aquarius and It's five best traitsOur sun sign would always be a mysterious part of us which we always cherish secretly. When some of us are a believer to these things, then some just find it fake. Well, if you ask for my opinion, then I would like to admit that it’s kinda fun to me. Few of these traits feel very similar to our qualities.

So, I am here today to discuss about an Aquarian’s traits. Not much, I am here to tell you about best five qualities about them. An Aquarius is born under element Air out of four elements of our lives. This zodiac sign is born within January 20 – February 18. Like every other sun sign, they definitely have some bad traits but today let us focus onto their good only.

They are free birds and fiercely independent

An Aquarius is incredibly self sufficient and independent. You may do anything but Aquarius can’t live without their liberty. They love their freedom more than anything else in the world. If you are able to respect and accept this, they would respect your freedom equally.

They have heart of Gold

Aquarians are pure souls. You can always start counting on your Aquarian friend, the one who would always have your back on your tough times. They may not show your their true feelings but have a huge heart and much love to share.

Warm and Emotional

Yes, you read it right. Aquarians are warm and gentle. A very common thing we get to know about them is they are cold and detached but that is just a defence mask they love to wear around. They do not allow everybody into their heart. So if you are privileged enough to get into an Aquarian’s heart, then do not mess that up ever. Then only you may get to know the secret emotional part of them. They are charmers and a gem in your life.

Have an open mind and unique

Aquarius is always unpredictable and unique. They have an inventive mind and very progressive with their thoughts. They are the no nonsense rebel with a mind greater than yours. Aquarius is always very open to new ideas. They love their own mind, it always comes up with something unique.

They are creative

Get ready to be surprised, Aquarius is the most creative of all zodiac signs. They express and expand others minds through creativity. They take pride in using art to convey their messages to the outer world.

So, these are the best five qualities of an Aquarius. All the Aquarian and all other signs out there, could your agree with these?

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Lots of Love,

Another Stubborn Child.


|| The Loggerheads ||

Well well well !! Let me introduce myself first. I am a very new nagging blogger trying to make an appearance on your minds. Let us think that I am one of those loggerhead persons anybody can ever meet. Actually does anybody know who or what can we call Loggerhead? The word Loggerhead paints a picture actually of disagreement. Yes, it can be disagreements about your life, your behaviour, your nature, your perspective about things, with anybody, anywhere. I can’t say that I always disagree with everybody around me, but yes, most of the time I stand alone, fighting for myself with myself only.

Aah !! You got me right. I am such a stubborn heart that mostly I get engaged with myself only. You must be very clear to yourself before you can disagree with somebody else. Thus this name of my blog. I know out there a lot of people are struggling to get along, get used to with others thoughts. I just wanted to say something to them- there is nothing wrong to be different, to have different thoughts. They might not match with everybody else around you but that is You and that makes you unique.

Okay, enough of these things. Don’t worry. I just wanted to introduce myself, rather my blog. Not all of my blogs are going to be filled with this much controversial nagging. There would be much more interesting topics with lots of love from this little nagging writer of yours. I would try to clad them with compelling pictures too; just don’t get bored.

So, this is it for today. Thank you for tolerating this with such patience. May this night bring beautiful dreams to all of you.

Lots of Love,

Another Stubborn Child.